Were You Hit by a Truck? You Have Rights.

Were You Hit by a Truck? You Have Rights.

Contact an 18-wheeler Personal Injury attorney at the Law Office of Don Michael Lazarus, PLLC in Batesville, MS

Were you involved in a road collision with a commercial vehicle? If so, contact a qualified lawyer as soon as possible.

At the Law Office of Don Michael Lazarus, our attorney is experienced in settlement negotiations and litigation involving commercial drivers and trucking companies. He'll investigate the circumstances of the wreck thoroughly to determine who was at fault. He will search for evidence of:

  • Unsafe driver behavior.
  • Unsecured commercial freight.
  • Violations of weight restrictions or loading guidelines.

Attorney Don Michael Lazarus will help you obtain compensation for your medical bills, loss of wages and other expenses. Call 662-550-5205 to request a consultation.

File a lawsuit against a trucking insurance company in the Batesville, MS area

If you need representation for a lawsuit involving a trucking company, make attorney Don Michael Lazarus your first choice. He'll demand full compensation from the insurance company. If you don't receive every penny you deserve, he can file litigation on your behalf. Schedule a consultation today.